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"The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today" - African Proverb


Brit Capital Partners is a bespoke management consulting firm that specialises in strategy, innovation and sustainable technology. We link ideas and concepts execution and deliver sustainable results for our clients. Brit Capital Partners technological ingenuity produces innovative thinking. The assurance for the safe performance of complex critical systems, developing safety leadership and culture, managing safety and risk in high-hazard industries and understanding complex project risks are some of our areas of focus. We also work in measuring and reporting risk performance for our clientele.Our work spans across a wide range of industries and public sector organisations. These include oil & gas, Commodities, media, Healthcare, private equity and infrastructural development. Our breadth of work spans throughout the UK, Asia and Africa. Within each area we combine deep industry insight with functional expertise. Our partners and staff have decades of experience between them and deliver with cutting-edge know-how. Essential to our services is the ability to deliver accurate strategic recommendations to our clients which is the hallmark of Brit Capital Partners.