Energy: We partner with leading energy companies in bringing clear-cut solutions on key strategic issues. Our uniqueness lies in the ability to combine many factors among which are: a practical understanding of the industry, headlong facing the challenges, the highest calibre of professional staff, innovation for fresh outlook and a commitment to achieving measurable results. It’s what we’re known for! These enablers effectively satisfy the needs of our clients when innovative thinking is applied.

Healthcare: As the healthcare industry increasingly becomes resource-constrained, a new generation of products and technological advancements have flooded the market. The resultant outcome makes it challenging for companies to seek out the right investment opportunities for their products in ways that benefit end-users and manufacturers alike. At Brit Capital Partners, we help clients realize the full value of their medical innovations. Our team’s talent and industry expertise challenge traditional thinking; developing competitive and sustainable solutions. Our know-how expert’s aim is to reduce the rising cost of healthcare products.

Telecommunication, Technology and Media: The opening up of the markets and the rise of the Internet “”-euphoria, all did their part for the Technology-market booming since the early nineties. However, impediments with the traditional business model means that new telecommunication technology are being developed. For example the emergence of new innovative competitors, new mobile technologies& communication apps have changed the dynamics of how we operate on a day-to-day basis. These issues are not only applicable to information technology but also to media. Media corporations face fundamental challenges triggered by the digitalisation and massive losses within advertising. Our services offer relevant answers to today’s market challenges in these sectors.

Private equity: generating superior returns for limited company partners is more challenging than ever. Brit Capital Partners offer advice and insights for principal investors such that they achieve superior returns through due diligence and operational improvement of their portfolio companies. The era of portfolio companies’ reliance on market knowledge is over. Achieving multiple returns, requires the insight of external industry professionals who analyse information from multiple sources, uncover any market gaps or opportunities and transform knowledge into meeting the financial goals of the business which cannot be overemphasised. We operate with a team of experienced professionals from a wide variety of industries who supply an excellent understanding of the market. These individuals command years of experience in Risk Management, Investment Analysis, Asset Management, Oil and Gas, Media, Human Resources and Corporate Governance.

Education: the number of prospective students seeking higher education is unprecedented with a continued squeeze of infrastructural resources available to meet demand and supply. Our services offer Higher Education Organisations with the knowledge to build a successful university spinout. Our team of experts have successfully contributed to commercialising inventions within the academic world.

Commodities: We are working to support a food processing and a product manufacturing company established to dominate it primary market. Brit Capital Partners data indicates the success rate for growth and expansion for these consumables are worth 160%. Product are multipurpose in nature and has varied usage ability reaching millions of customers worldwide. Brit Capital Partners is on the verge of transforming the operational and management capabilities of the company to become successful. We do not undertake commodity trading.