Corporate finance

Restructuring and working out models for business owners and management to identify opportunities for streamlining businesses to stabilize cash flows. Activities include: preparation and review of cashflow projections following market and operational reviews, support for restructuring and assistance with investment activities.

Due Diligence

Business plan review for both sellers and buyers, assessment of the ability of the organization to deliver its financial forecasts based on our understanding of the targeted markets, the strength of the strategy set out by management and the resources to be used to support delivery. Our work focuses on the mid-term (rather than on forecasts for the current financial year) and is differentiated by our understanding of the commercial and technology environment. In addition, we provide a numerical assessment of identified risks and opportunities. We also provide technical expert services in sectors where our strategic activities are required. We use four vital tools to carry out due diligence known as SPR2.

Information management

Information Management is essential to business success, but getting this right could be a hard task for some companies. If no good management is put in place complex IT can produce expensive systems as ‘one size fits all’ approach may solve not business needs.

Operational Management

Top business executives demands Operational Excellence at the highest level of management where such recognition guarantees staying ahead of the competition. Our Operations Management approach effectively assured your organisation a world-class value chain and achieves Operational Excellence.


Businesses in 21st century should necessitate integrating risk management entirely into their strategy – not only to minimise potential losses but also to exploit fresh opportunities. Brit Capital Partners has the requisite skills and resources to pioneer risk management for your company. Our insight and capability in this field bring leading strategy that will transform your company. We provide unique in-house teams that combine business and commercial acumen with specialist expertise in areas such as safety critical systems, general risk, and culture risk and process safety.

Organisation Change Management

Our aim is to make organizations more efficient and effective. We approach this by accelerating change and improvements in your organisation as well as executing collaborations with other organisations.